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Andrew graduated magna cum laude from Northwestern University with a degree in Theatre. Some of his larger projects at NU include designing scenery and lighting for Sweeney Todd, designing lighting for the mainstage production of Lydie Breeze, and designing sound and lighting for Graffiti Dancers for four years. He was the assistant lighting designer to Marilyn Lowey on Titanic: Official Movie Tour, a European tour featuring memorabilia from the ubiquitous film. He then worked for Ms. Lowey again at the new Universal Studios Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando. This past summer, he returned to the National High School Institute's Theatre Program as the Associate Director for Design/Tech and Production Manager. His latest design was 2001: A Dance Odyssey, for Evanston Dance Ensemble, in which he relied heavily on moving lights to achieve stunning futuristic & astronomical images.

Andrew has since returned to Los Angeles, where he and Bryan Barancik are developing Luxious Lighting, a design, programming, and consulting firm.

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